RB26DETT Skyline R32 GT-R Engine

RB26DETT Skyline R32 GT-R Engine

The Nissan auto manufacturing company makes this engine and it’s designed for usage in Nissan Skyline GT-R vehicles that were produced between 1989 and 2002. The RB26DETT Skyline R32 GT-R Engine features a block, which is crafted from cast-iron, as well as a cylinder head, which is manufactured from aluminum.


Features of This Motor

This motor comes with a cylinder head that has twenty-four valves. This equates to a grouping of four valves for each cylinder. It also has a camshaft set-up, which is of the dual overhead style. One of the most unique features of this engine is that it comes with six throttle bodies, rather than the usual one. It’s also equipped with a twin turbo system, which is of the parallel type.

Engine models feature alphanumerical codes, which help people to learn more about them at a glance. In case, you’re unfamiliar with these codes, you should know that the RB in this motor’s model number denotes the engine code. The TT at the end denotes that this motor comes with “factory” twin turbo-chargers. There are full explanations for engine codes available online. We just wanted to explain the system to newbies as understanding it helps people to shop for engines in a more streamlined way.

When these engines were first manufactured, they delivered approximately two hundred and eighty horsepower. While later models technically produce the same, people have noticed that they are able to deliver higher horsepower numbers than indicated, up to three hundred and twenty horsepower. So, later models may have a real edge in terms of performance. All of these engines are renowned for their ability to conjure up power. They are strong designs that may also be modified in order to offer even more high performance.

How to Shop for These Engines

As with most vehicle engines, you’ll find these motors online, via a range of Web-based retailers. They may also be available for sale right in your own community. The key to getting a good deal is considering whether or not to buy a new or used design, considering the overall condition if you do decide to buy second-hand, checking out a seller’s reputation and comparing prices of similar models. The comparison-shopping process will help you to find a great deal on a RB26DETT Skyline R32 GT-R Engine.

Hopefully, our quick guide has provided you with some important information about this type of Nissan motor. It’s the best choice for a Skyline vehicle and you’ll find that these engines are available via an array of retail channels.


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