4G63 Lancer Evolution IV Engine

Discover the 4G63 Lancer Evolution IV Engine

The 4G63 Lancer Evolution IV Engine is designed for usage in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution auto. Some people call this car the Evo and it’s known for its sporty looks and superior performance. The Evo is a different version of the typical Lancer and its 4G63 engine is designed to offer owners access to the high performance that they want from the Lancer Evolution.

4G63 Lancer Evolution IV Engine

Originally, the Evo and its engine were designed for Japanese customers. However, the increase in grey market transactions meant that more and more non-Japanese drivers were able to access Evos and then enjoy the power and performance of Lancer Evolution IV engines. The engine features a two-liter, turbo-charged design. Its technical horsepower limit is two hundred and eighty. However, some drivers have found that it delivers more horsepower in the real world. In fact, some people who’ve driven Evos with these engines have recorded horsepower of up to three hundred and twenty-one. In the United Kingdom, it may be possible to find engines of this type which deliver even more horsepower, such as horsepower over four hundred.

This particular motor was created for usage with the Lancer Evolution IV, which is the fourth version of the Lancer Evolution. The IV version featured certain changes, such as different engine and trans-axle placement, at one hundred and eighty degrees, with a mind to promoting improved balance and stopping torque steer.

How to Find This JDM Engine

Lancers are popular sport compact cars with great reputations. People love driving them and modifying them. Since they are collector’s items that also offer a fun, fast rides, rather than just looking good in display, you’ll find that many online retailers offer 4G63 Lancer Evolution IV engines.

The key to finding the best style is considering the condition of the engine relative to its price. Some people are willing to refurbish engines and have the mechanical skills to do so well, while others want engines, which are in mint condition. Knowing what you want is probably the first step to finding something ideal. Your used engine should be in decent condition and you should know that your seller has a strong and positive reputation. We recommend careful comparison-shopping before you buy. However, these engines are typically very well made and this means that they are built in order to stand the test of time.

Now that you know more about this engine and the Lancer Evolution, you’ll be ready to shop the smart way.

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